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LGBTQ+ Guide to St. Petersburg

Clubs & Bars

Blue Oyster Bar
The Blue Oyster Bar is open from 19:00 to 06.00 and the entrance is free! All genders are welcome during the week, but during the weekend the bar is only open to men. The bar charges reasonable prices for alcohol, and there is a dance floor with pop hits from all around the world. You can play karaoke, participate in drag bingo on Tuesday, a film night on Wednesday, a travesty show on Thursday, and parties during the weekend. In addition, the bar hosts a playroom/maze that can be visited by (trans) men.


Central Station
Central Station is a nightclub located in the heart of St. Petersburg, close to Nevsky prospect. The club can host over 500 people and has several bars and dance floors, as well as a men-only playroom. The club plays house and pop music, hosts several events throughout the week, and there is usually plenty of shirtless staff walking around.

Cruising Areas

Kazan Cathedral
Some gay men visit the parks surrounding the Kazan Cathedral. The park is popular among tourists and students.

Location: 59.935023, 30.324918

Sosnovka park: Izmailovsky
Sosnovka is a large forest-like park located in the Northern part of the city. The park is beautiful and definitely worth a visit. The place is friendly and calm during the day, but it can get a bit dodgy after dark. Some people can be found around the Izmailovsky area in the south-west side of the park. Be careful and preferably bring a friend.

Location: 60.014475, 30.347389

Queer Events

The festival QUEERFEST in St. Petersburg organises cultural and educational events that concern human rights, gender identity and the freedom of sexuality. The festival creates the possibility to educate ourselves, society and the world outside, and aims to oppose xenophobia, sexism, discrimination and violence.


Side by Side Film Festival
Side by Side Film Festival is inspired by the success of the many lesbian and gay film festivals that take place worldwide. The very first Side by Side film festival in Saint Petersburg was held in 2008 but effectively banned by the authorities. From this point onwards, working from a more strengthened power base, Side by Side began to expand its breadth and scope. It does not only organise festivals and events in Saint Petersburg, but also in other cities such as Kemerovo, Novosibirsk, Archangelsk, Tomsk, Perm, and Moscow.


LGBTQ+ Organisations

Russian LGBT Network
The Russian LGBT Network is a non-governmental human rights organization that promotes equality and respect for human dignity, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. The network unites and develops regional initiatives and advocacy groups (at both national and international levels) and provides social and legal services. It enhances the visibility of queer communities, boosts its potential, ensures its protection, and engages in various forms of civic activities. In addition, the network raises awareness of the dangers associated with homophobia and transphobia and creates an understanding that these types of xenophobia should not be tolerated.

Hotline: 8(800)555-73-74

Straights for Equality
Straights for Equality unites heterosexuals who support the fight for equality of LGBTQ+ people. They come together to say “NO!” to the intimidation and persecution of their fellow citizens, friends, and relatives. The network believes that all citizens of Russia should have equal rights, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity


Coming Out LGBT Group

Coming Out is a regional nonprofit organization based in St. Petersburg. The organisation works for the universal recognition of human dignity and equal rights of all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. The organisation aims to achieve these goals through lobbying and advocacy, educational and cultural events, and by providing psychological and legal services.