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LGBTQ+ Guide to Prague

Bars & Clubs

Piano Bar
Piano bar is an old LGBT bar in Prague. Thanks to its convenient location between Poděbrad Square and the Žižkovská Television Tower, it is easily accessible from all parts of the city. There are several board games you can use, there is an old piano you can play on, and the bar hosts a bingo night every Sunday.


Q-Cafe is a wonderful cafe, visited by a nice mix of gay, lesbian and queer minded people. It has two floors: a smoker ground floor, and a non-smoking basement. The lower floor of the cafe can be let free of charge to individuals and NGOs who strive for LGBTQ+ emancipation. The cafe also has a small but respected library full of LGBT-themed literature. If you find a book that you are particularly interested in, you can ask the staff if it’s available for home reading. The staff is also thankful to be donated titles you would like to share with others.


The Bourgeois Pig
The Bourgeois Pig is a small and welcoming queer bar that serves different sorts of martinis and great cocktails. You can request your own music and choose from a large selection of vinyl records. Occasionally, there is a piano to play on as well. The bartender is friendly, full of humor and interesting to talk to. There is also a dog named Pablo to cuddle with. The place feels like home and is nicely decorated with paintings and photographs.


The Saints Bar
The Saints is a small and cozy bar located right in the heart of Prague’s gay quarter ‘Vinohrady’, and just around the corner from the gay club Termix. The bar aims to provide a fresh and distinctive twist to the Prague gay scene and prides itself on providing a warm atmosphere, friendly service, excellent drinks and great music.


Flirt is a gay bar which is located in the middle of the old city, opposite to the beautiful Church of St. Martin in the Wall. The cellar turns into a dance floor when the bar is busy. A good place to sit and relax, while drinking beers and mingling with other visitors.


Friends Club
Perfectly located in the center, the Friends Club offers a great place to dance. Occasionally, there is a live music or entertainment by special guests. You can enjoy their Mondays WarmUp Party, Tuesdays karaoke nights, Wednesdays Friends Connection parties (dating), Thursdays Travesti shows, various theme parties on Fridays, old queer pop hits on Saturdays, and a club quiz on Sundays. Entry is free, the club opens at 7 PM, and closes as the last guest leaves.


Termix is a small but packed gay club which plays great seventies-style disco songs to dance on. The club provides free entrance and charges fair prices for drinks. The club is open to all genders and sexualities but mostly visited by a gay crowd. You have to ring the buzzer to get in, but don’t let this throw you off as the staff is very friendly. There is a karaoke every Thursday, and a playroom downstairs to have fun in.


Cruising Clubs

Drake’s Club Prague
Drakes Club is the oldest gay and play bar for men in Prague. Staff is open-minded, informative and quite at ease to speak in English. The club is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In Drakes there is plenty of private space to explore, either alone or with a friend you meet at the bar. The ground floor comprises a large bar and a cabin area where you can watch films in shared or private cabins. The basement floor has a labyrinth and some play areas with cages and chains. Lockers are available should you wish to securely save your clothes. Busy on Friday and Saturday, as there is free entrance on these days during the afternoon.


Gay Saunas

Sauna Labyrint
Labyrint is the most popular sauna in Prague. It offers 3 large floors with mazes, playrooms and tv rooms. In addition, there is a finish sauna, several steam rooms, and a steam labyrinth where you can both cruise and relax. Special parties are held on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

€20.50/€16 Concessions

Sauna Babylonia
Sauna Babylonia is situated in the old town of Prague. It is a large gay sauna which was opened in 1998 and completely renovated in the spring of 2013. It hosts a dry sauna, 2 steam baths with a maze, and several relax rooms and cabins. The large bar offers a wide variety of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, and it sells special accessories as well. Internet connection is free of charge, including WIFI. There are foam parties every Friday. Bring your own protections. 

€12/€8 Concessions

Cruising Areas

Podoli Bath
The Podoli outdoor swimming pool is located next to the Moldau river. The bath provides stunning views of the surrounding hills, and it is a great place to swim during the warm summer months. The bath also provides a sauna and a nude sunbathing terrace. Here, you will find many people from the LGBTQ+ community.

Location: 50.051306, 14.417415

Sebarak Lake
On warm summer days, the eastern side of Seberak Lake is a popular spot for nudists and LGBTQ+ people who want to relax and take a swim. It is a very pretty lake, with a cruising ground around the woods. 200 meter away from Seberak lake is another lake called Olšanský rybnik. Sebarak Lake is a recognized nudist spot with plenty of people around. The place is popular among gay men but also visited by many heterosexual couples. The crowd is diverse, but younger guys tend to visit the place in the afternoon when they are done with their work or studies.

Directions: Metro to Pankrac. Bus 193 to Seberak
50.008187, 14.499094

Queer Events

Prague Pride
The Prague Pride festival takes place every year in August, all the way since 2011. It is the biggest cultural event for LGTBQ+ people in the Czech Republic. The festival lasts a week and presents over 100 cultural and social activities, public discussions and debates, sports events and spiritual encounters. The culminating point of the Prague Pride week is the Saturday parade through Prague, led by the mayor of Prague.


Freedom Night
Freedom Night takes place in Prague, Brno, Pilsen and Bratislava. It is the only party for girls who love girls in the Czech Republic and has all the best features: you can dance, play and drink while you enjoy live shows, great Djs, dating sessions and more. Parties are aimed at lesbians, but other genders and sexualities are welcome as well. Parties take place every month in Prague.


Homosteria is a slutty fresh bi-monthly queer party at club Ankali. The party plans to bring the best names of club culture to Prague, starting with the 3 hot names from Berlin infamous parties: Luigi Di Venere (Cocktail d’Amore, Panorama Bar) Omer (Cocktail d’Amore) and Stathis (Discosódoma). Homosteria celebrates queerness, sassyness and great music, and aims to spice things up in the already colorful gay nights of Prague.

Queer Eye Festival
Queer Eye festival focuses on queer and feminist perspectives in music, arts, performance, and photography. Via workshops and lectures and through artistic and theatrical performances, Queer Eye brings together people who are interested in non-mainstream viewpoints.


Mezipatra QFF
Mezipatra is a queer film festival organised by the non-profit organisations Mezipatra and STUD Brno. Every year, they introduce Czech and foreign films centered around LGBTQ+ issues and their creators. The films are apprised by a professional jury as a part of a prestigious international competition. An inherent part of the program are the accompanying discussions, lectures, workshops, exhibitions and parties. The festival’s main party takes place in Prague and Brno, and its echoes follow in selected towns across the Czech Republic.


LGBTQ+ Organisations

TRANS*PARENT strives for the empowerment, social justice and social acceptance of trans men, women and other non-cis persons. The organisation was founded in Prague in the spring of 2015, by a group of trans activists. They felt an urgent need to create a safe space and change policies to promote the advancement of transgender equality. TRANS*PARENT works towards the understanding and acceptance of trans and non-cis persons on both the social and legislative level.


Doodles wants to overcome prejudice and promote mutual respect through music. Doodles has eagerly joined the wider family of LGBT choirs in Europe. Doodles’ repertoire includes a colorful palette of musical genres, such as Renaissance music, folk songs, classical men’s chorus music from the 19th and 20th centuries, opera, spirituals, musicals, famous melodies from the Beatles, or 80s and 90s pop.