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LGBTQ+ Guide to Belgrade

Bars & Clubs

Smiley bar
Smiley bar is a small and cute queer bar near Hotel Moskva. The bar is crowded at night and in the weekends when it turns into a discotheque. Right near the entrance, a narrow stair leads to a small gallery, which is a great place to drink coffee and tea during the day. In the summer, the bar windows are opened so usually people stand outside of the bar in the passage.


Pleasure Club
One of the oldest gay and lesbian clubs in Belgrade. A good place to dance on international gay songs, house hits and techno music. The club has two floors and is only open during the weekends. Later at night, the club often play Serbian (turbo) folk songs.


Club Musk
Club Musk is a straight-friendly gay club situated in a courtyard off the street in the city center of Belgrade. The place is nicely decorated and has a good and inexpensive drink selection. The club has seating as well as a small dance floor.


Gay Saunas

Red Line
The Red Line sauna in Belgrade welcomes men who are looking for a safe, discreet and hygienic place to meet, date and have fun. The sauna offers a jacuzzi, steam room and masseurs. You can also relax in their lounge with a cold drink. It is possible to stay for a minute or a day, the choice is yours!

€15/€10 Concessions

Cruising Areas

Savka Lake Beach
Savka is a lake surrounded by a large and popular recreation zone. On the south side, you will find good bars and restaurants. Opposite to this ‘fancy’ side of the lake, you will find the more alternative bars, as well as a nudist beach. This part of the beach has a welcoming atmosphere and is popular among the LGBTQ+ community. Men meet behind the beach. It’s quite a long walk from the bus station, so if you want to visit the beach you may as well rent a bike on the east side of the island.

Location: 44.778676, 20.374166

Queer Events

Belgrade Pride
Belgrade Pride is an association founded in the autumn of 2010. Since then, it has organised hundreds of events. So far, the Pride Week has gathered a large number of international artists, who deal with artistic practices that question the boundaries of gender, sexuality and violence. Unfortunately, the Pride Parade as a street walk has been banned several times over the past years, but the organisation deeply believes new pride parades will take place in the future. The pride organisation also organizes a weekly book club at their LGBT info center. 

Documentary: Click here

Rainbow Party Belgrade
Rainbow hosts monthly parties for LGBT people living in Belgrade. The parties are set up by a team of enthusiasts with a background in gay activism, and known for a different music taste than you are used to hear on other gay parties in Belgrade. Besides the gay classics, you will hear a mix of disco, house and  indie music. Rainbow is open for the whole LGBT spectrum and ‘straight-friendly’.

LGBTQ+ Organisations

Da Se Zna
Da Se Zna records cases of violence and discrimination against LGBTQ+ people in Serbia. Discrimination is faced on a daily bases: in the family, in public spaces and in professional environments. Because LGBTQ+ people in Serbia are exposed to long-term and continuous homophobia and transphobia, they suffer various forms of humiliation. Da Se Zna allows persons who are subjected to violence and discrimination to report such cases safely and aims to improve the effectiveness of protection by the competent authorities. 


Loud & Queer
Loud & Queer organises parties for LGBTQ+ people in Belgrade. The organisation is known for a big crowd, good music and a friendly and inclusive atmosphere. In 2018, the organisation also organised Ponos Srbije. This is an alternative Pride event that, unlike the Belgrade Pride, is not cordoned off by police officers or limited to specific entry points. Participants march openly through the streets of Belgrade.

The mission of Gayten-LGBT is to contribute to the creation of an overall societal environment directed toward removal of all forms of violence and discrimination toward LGBTQ+ persons. Gayten-LGBT is the first all-inclusive organisation that, in addition to lesbian and gay men, brings together bisexual, transgender persons as well as intersex, queers and heterosexuals, affirming their rights, needs, problems, existence and culture. The values on which Gayten-LGBT relies encourage LGBTQ+ people and their heterosexual supporters to work together with full respect, and respect for the specificities and differences of each individual and group and individual.


Belgade Bears
Belgrade Bears is the first Serbian bear community, and brings together friends, fans and admirers since 2009.