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Gay Cruising Areas in London

Hyde Park
The rose park in Hyde Park has a lot of benches, quiet spots and hidden bushes which facilitate intimate encounters between men. To visit the rose park, you have to enter through the gate, and then it’s just 100m at your upper left-hand side. The park is mostly visited after dark, and by a good mix of guys. Locals warn to beware of pickpockets, so it’s best to keep your valuables at home when visiting this park for cruising purposes.

Location: 51.503841, -0.154647

Hampstead Heath
Hampstead Heath is one of the busiest and most popular cruising areas in London, if not the world. It is also the safest cruising ground of London. The Police knows what goes on and is happy to close their eyes as long as cruisers don’t annoy the locals too much. The locals also know it and don’t venture on there after dark. The cruising area is located just up the hill from Hampstead Tube Station, which is part of the Northern Line. The Main entrance onto the Gay West Heath is from behind the ‘Jack Straws Castle’.

Location: 51.563433, -0.182499

Clapham Common
Cruising in Clapham Common takes place in a large, triangular wooded area situated in the west side of the park. Guys meet each other in the dense bushes during the day, but it can be hard to keep it safe and private. Therefore, most action takes place during the night, especially in the summer when the weather is good. During these times, the Common gets busy and there are always people passing through. The site is visited by lots of younger guys, though ages vary. The police who in the old days used to hassle and raid the place, now monitors the area for safety.

Location: 51.458819-0.154658

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Any safe places Haringey Tottenham ect


Tottenham marshes


Where about ??


Kik me on petersmit123 im in that area


Wormwood Scrubs park in East Acton full of action and fun

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I will have to visit there, I’ve missed cock .


Me too its been far too long now


Where exactly???


Wat days

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Where exactly in the park


Hi where’s in east Acton


I need a man anyone in east acton

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What about Wimbledon and Putney commons park?

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Wimbledon is good

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Darren Smith

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