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Gay Cruising Areas in Berlin

The Tiergarten is the oldest gay cruising park in central Berlin, and offers many opportunities to meet and socialize with other LGTBTQ+ people. First, there is a nudist sunbathing area called the ‘gay meadow’. On this large open grass field, visitors undress while they relax and enjoy the sun. The field is visited by a diverse crowd and the atmosphere is very friendly, open minded and safe. Next to the Gay Meadow, there is a cruising area along the Bremer Weg and around the Lion’s Bridge. This cruising spot is very popular during the summer, especially in the afternoon and after dark.

Location: 52.513462, 13.345017

Volkspark Hasenheide
If you are looking for a more discrete and private place than the Tiergarten, the Volkspark Hasenheide might be what you are looking for. Here you will find an FKK area, accompanied by a large cruising area in the forest on the slope of the hill next to it. Because the forest is overgrown, it is relatively easy to find a private spot. Therefore, cruising takes place during the day as well as during the night.

Location:  52.484366, 13.411557

Volkspark Friedrichshain
Volkspark Friedrichshain has a similar planning as the Hasenheide. In the FKK section, you can undress and get some sun. In the accompanied cruising area on the slope of the hill, you can find some action during the day as well as the night. However, the bushes in the back are quite open, which gives you less privacy than the Hasenheide. Nevertheless, this is a nice place to enjoy a warm and sunny day!

Location: 52.526356, 13.432124

Grunewald is a large forested area in the western part of Berlin. It is a relaxing place for walks, sunbathing and cruising activities. A large cruising area can be found along the highway (115) near the parking lot close to the Wald Museum (Forest Museum). If you come by public transport, you can stop at the metrostation ‘S Grunewald’ close by.

Location: 52.487378, 13.254395