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Gay Cruising Areas in Warsaw

Vistula River Beach
Vistula beach is a popular wild beach located at Vistula River between the Polish Olympic Center and Grota-Roweckiego bridge. Action happens close by the bridge, where there is a large meadow with high grass. You can sunbath on the meadow, or explore the bushes for some action. Most action happens close to the bridge. The place is most busy during daytime, especially on warm and sunny days.

Location: 52.285483, 20.992596

The cruisiest spot in Ksiazeca park is around the Elizeum behind the national museum. A mixture of all guys go here, and the place it is mostly visited during the warm summer months, from 11 pm till 3 am. There is a little cross over the bridge at the end of the park. If you go over the bridge, there are some footpaths leading off to the right and left sides. Guys also cruise there or go there to be alone with someone they have met in the park.

Location: 52.22986, 21.02749