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Gay Cruising Areas in Amsterdam

The most central and safe cruising area of Amsterdam is located in the rose garden of the Vondelpark. During the day, the rose garden serves as a  popular meeting place for LGBTQ+ people. During the night, the park is primarily used by gay and trans men. Cruisers gather around the benches on the sides of the park, and in the bushes surrounding it. This starts after sunset, and the park is most heavily cruised after 23:00 when the ‘conventional’ users of the park are gone. Police is occasionally present, but generally respectful and well aware of the situation.

Location: 52.357450, 4.863634

Het Oosterpark

Further to the East, cruising takes place at the east side of the lake in the Oosterpark. Over the past few years, several incidents have been reported to the police. The local government has therefore placed subtle lights to make the area less dark. In addition, the Pink in Blue police force regularly surveils the area to keep it safe.

Location: 52.360506, 4.923834

De Oeverlanden
De Oeverlanden is the biggest and most diverse cruising area in Amsterdam. It is visited by men as well as women, so both straight and gay couples meet here. Cruising takes place during the day as well as during the night. The site is especially popular during warm summer days, when naturists relax on the open field. To prevent incidents with other users of the park, the local government has installed signs which tell you exactly where you can legally cruise. There is also a bus that regularly visits the site, and allows you to do a free STD test.

Location: 52.335393, 4.823497